Dr. Samantha Petrin, ND,

Naturopathic Doctor,
Craniosacral Therapist

Dr. Samantha Petrin is a naturopathic doctor with a practice focus on mental health and gut health. She is fascinated by the mental-emotional body and its innate wisdom. In her practice, hands-on therapies such as acupuncture and craniosacral therapy offer a somatic approach to relaxing the nervous system and helping the body to ultimately heal itself. Her craft is creating safe spaces for authentic expression and nervous system regulation. Facilitating wellness retreats and breathwork circles have offered the best opportunities for her to provide service to her community in this way.

Alia Ali

DEI Consultant
Empathy Engineer

Alia Ali is the founder and principal consultant at Empathy Catalyst Consulting; which specializes in diversity, equity, inclusion, and workplace culture consulting. She has always lived a life of service to her community (which was heavily influenced by her faith) – creating and running programs for youth, working in the corporate world of waterworks, serving as an executive at a tech start-up in Vancouver, working for Voices of Muslim Women as a Female Empowerment and Leadership Instructor and serving as an Educator and Instructor at Bakau Consulting as well as being on the Stratagem 2020 team.

Micaela Carron

Plant-based Chef
Ayurvedic Practitioner
Certified Breathwork Facilitator

Micaela Carron is a passionate yogini, plant-based chef, Ayurvedic practitioner and breathworker. She serves from a place of love for the human body and inspiration from the breadth of human potential.  Her belief is that food is so much more than fuel – it is medicine, it is the material that transforms into our cells and allows us to grow and thrive in this life. She hand-selects high-quality food to nourish the bellies of humans on the path of self-discovery so that their bodies and minds are in optimal condition to receive all the lessons from their internal and external worlds. She is thrilled to serve her medicine in this training.  

Sandy Pandher

Certified Breathwork Facilitator
Reiki Practioner

Let’s sit with Love, Let’s sit with Fear, Let’s sit with sadness, let’s gently embrace our anxiety or what we are feeling, and invite space and healing to surround it. When we accept/receive what is truly happening with us, we allow our emotions/thoughts/physical self to settle. Settling into who we are, where we are currently sitting in our lives; leads us to surrender and feel the space around us. Allowing for space and permission to flow for how we really feel, not hiding from our truth. For our truth is the brightest Light alive. From our Light, this is where all creation can and does occur.

Let’s create together. I am your guide and simply a Vessel to allow the Spirit to flow, guiding you through the session.

Damian Kai Norman

Certified Counsellor
Certified Breathwork Facilitator
Psychedelic Integration Counsellor
Certified ICF-Accredited Coach

Damian Kai Norman values community, freedom, and physical-emotional embodiment. He loves facilitating group work and wellness retreats, creating safe containers for authentic vulnerable conversations, befriending our nervous system, and cultivating our capacity to feel fearlessly. Norman has over 10 years of experience facilitating, including internationally across Canada, Europe, and South America. With a calm grounded presence and an uplifting encouraging spirit, Norman invites you to connect with your body and build a relationship of trust, curiosity and compassion… Creating a loving partnership with yourself.

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– An unforgettable life-changing experience!

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