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Somatic Therapy

As a Certified Counsellor specializing in trauma and somatic interventions, a Certified Breathwork Facilitator, a Somatic Attachment Therapist, a Somatic Experiencing trained therapist, and a movement specialist with a professional dance background, I believe in the wisdom of your body. In the words of Bessel Van Der Kolk, “The body keeps the score.” Together we will address the roots of your trauma and limiting emotional patterns through the lens of befriending the body and building an intimate relationship of love and trust. We do this by working directly with the nervous system, cultivating your own resilience, awareness, and capacity to be with uncomfortable sensations, pain, and challenging emotions in your body. Our intention is to empower you with the tools and interventions to transform the way you relate to your body. Join us as we co-create this new possibility together.

Each session will utilize mindfulness, breathwork, and meditation practices for grounding and modelling self-regulation tools so that our clients feel empowered to tap into their own felt sense of safety and autonomy. From here we will look directly at how the body responds to a triggering situation and/or “challenge” that the client brings to the session through the lens of the nervous system, sensations, behaviour, images, and emotions. By slowing down and cultivating greater awareness of the physical, emotional, and energetic states, our clients learn how to regulate their nervous systems, trust their intuitive responses, and unpack deeply held trauma stored in the body.

Trauma Counselling

As a Certified Counsellor specializing in trauma and somatic therapy, I offer a sacred safe container, establishing a space that is dedicated to trauma processing using interventions from CBT, DBT, Narrative Therapy, and Somatic Therapy. Our sessions offer a space to experience unconditional positive regard, safety, and trust. while processing and integrating the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical core wounds that are holding you back from living a thriving authentic life. From here we can transform the way you relate to yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.

Each session will utilize interventions from CBT, DBT, Narrative Therapy, and Somatic Therapy as well as mindfulness techniques, breathwork, and meditation practices for grounding and self-regulation. These practices ensure that our clients feel empowered to tap into their own felt sense of a healthy relationship to the physical, emotional, and energetic body. From here we can cultivate a greater capacity for honest reflection, creating the foundation for embodied processing.

Integration Counselling

Integration can take many forms. We will utilize a blend of somatic therapy, counselling and nervous system regulation as a way to discover how best we can support our client’s in bringing any lessons and experiences gained from a psychedelic experience into the mundane world of everyday life. We also offer self-care programs and encourage you to read more below about them.

Consistent self-care rituals are key to establishing a foundation of resilience and capacity to show up in compassion, centeredness, and intention in the world. Methods such as meditation, breathwork, and physical practice create a consistent opportunity to self-regulate, giving us the opportunity to respond when faced with situations that can create an emotional charge. I invite you to build a relationship of curiosity, playfulness, consistency and gratitude for your body. We are here to create a lifelong partnership with our physical health. To see our body as a beautiful living instrument here to support us in experiencing life fully, vibrantly. And to create a safe space to fall back on when we are going through challenges, resistance, and pain. The body is truly a temple, a place of refuge, and a gift with depths to explore. I am here to witness and coach you through the process.

Check out our latest promo video for the Somatic Day Self Care Program below:

Clinical Breathwork

As a certified Facilitated Breathwork Repatterning Practitioner (FBR) and certified Breathwave Facilitator, I offer a unique combination of the science and spirit of Breathwork.

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a somatic therapeutic modality that is designed to connect directly with the autonomic nervous system. This technique allows you to directly experience unconscious states of mind and body, allowing blocked emotional patterning, trauma, and blissful states of euphoria to come to the surface. With guided facilitation, you are able to gently integrate these “incomplete” experiences, by feeling them fully and returning to the safety of being held and by the parasympathetic tone of your breath. Complete unresolved cycles of trauma and pain in your body, and open into the possibility of freedom, bliss, and connection to the whole of yourself.

Benefits include increased energy, creativity, empowerment, heart regulation, improved digestion, lymphatic drainage, metabolic efficiency, organ detoxification, and more.

Each session begins with a Miracle Consciousness Meditation. Creating a container to get clear and call in more of the qualities the client wants to embody in their life. This also supports the formal breath practice by bringing in an intention as an anchor for the session.

The breather will lay on their back and/or in other beneficial postures – depending on their breath patterning – and breath in and out through the mouth, connecting the breath continuously. The emphasis is on the inhale with a completely relaxed, sigh-like exhale. This technique is practised for approximately 45min with a 15min resting period for integration. As a certified Breathwave facilitator, I will guide your session by utilizing bodywork techniques designed to deepen your breath, encouraging a greater felt sense of your body and emotional/spiritual state. As your facilitator, my greatest gift is to support you in your own healing. To hold space and offer tools to move through and integrate the lessons of your own transformation.

This offering includes potent tools of Stretch Release Therapy (myofascial release techniques), toning, movement, meditation, and miracle consciousness visualization.

Important Information & Cancellation Policy

– Availability –

I am available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11 am – 6 pm.

– Cancellation Policy –

Your appointment time is reserved just for you. Late cancellations or a missed visit leaves a hole in the therapist’s day that another patient could have filled, and leaves the therapist with rental costs from the missed appointment. As such our cancellation policy includes a 100% refund or free rescheduling of the session before 2 weeks of the booking date, a minimum rental fee between 2 weeks and 2 days of the booking date, a 50% cancellation fee within 48hrs of the booking date, and a full session fee after 24hrs notice before the session time.  Exceptions will be considered for emergency situations. 

– Office Space –

I am currently working out of two office spaces with the intention of offering more availability to my clients.

Love & Peace Studio

  • 3586 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, V6R-1N8,

Award Business Center, Broadway Offices

  • 1892 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J 1Y9

It is important to note that will be navigating my own availability, your availability, and the availability of the office space(s) as they are also rented out by other working professionals. Even though I may be available, it is not guaranteed that the space itself will be available, and vice versa. 

My VA, Emma, will indicate which studio our session(s) will be located at upon booking you in. Email Emma at:

– Thank you! –

If you have any more questions, feel free to let me know.

“Damian’s warmth, passion and dedication to the work were apparent from the very beginning of our sessions together. If you feel called to a gentle and kind facilitating companion, and a safe and comforting environment within which to journey into your heart and mind, I would highly recommend Manifest Holistic Integrative Healing”

— Chaz Heseltine
Spiritual Coach —

“When I was two I fell out of a tree and my hips have been out of line my entire life due to this trauma. This has led to a lot of pain in my body, especially my hips and lower back. I was lucky enough to meet Damian who is an amazing holistic healer. After our first session I felt more stable and felt the muscles that have been tight and painful my entire life loosen just a bit for what feels like the first time ever. Can’t recommend him enough!”

— Sean A. Mcloud
Astrologer, Quantum Physicist, Musician —

“Damian was an amazing breathwork facilitator. Through our session I was able to envision where I am heading and where I want to go. He guided me through really deep breathing, feeling into different body parts and muscles, tapping into the power of my breath. I highly recommend booking in with him.”

— Tosha Lobsinger
Vegan Activist, Photographer —

“I felt very safe & clear with Damian’s genlte soul and careful guidance doing body work online with him.”

” Damian’s energy and vibe are so comforting and relaxed I couldn’t have asked for a better coach! Thank you Damian. You have a true gift and you pass it on with ease. I feel your love for movement, life, and humanity!”

“I love Damian’s facilitation of Movement Flow. I have been practicing myself, it is not easy but I can feel the energy moving through my body, mind, and soul.”

“I love the way Damian teaches movement. It is simple yet powerful, I can feel the energy moving in my body.”

“Damian’s combination of dance, yoga and qi gong practices is amazing, and he is a great guide!”
– Lisa

“Damian, I have replayed your webinar and practiced Qi Gong every day since. Thank you brother, I believe I have found a new practice here. I found you super open and loving. I am working on finding my voice and opening my heart and really resonated with you.”

“His training is one of my favorites. Everything from start to end was perfectly crafted.”
– Kade

“Damian shared the gift of movement with our online group. We all thoroughly enjoyed the class and the way he facilitated the experience. It felt as though he was leading us in the same room. Damian’s passion for what he does is inspiring.”
– Melanie

“Damian lives in his body…it is palpable. He is a dancer, a guide, he loves what he does and shares it well… From yoga, qi gong and dance! Beautiful work!”
– Heather

“Damian is a great movement artist, I would definitely join his classes.”

“It was my first qi qong experience and I enjoyed it. I worked through my pain and injury with the energy as it released. Thank you.”

— Breathing Cold Bali
Teacher Training Graduates —