Community Circles

Next Breathwork Circle
Jan 6th, from 6pm – 9pm.

Come join us for an evening of intentional group work, movement, authentic relating, and the somatic therapeutic practice of Conscious Connected Breathwork.

There is a transformative power behind coming together as a collective to engage in group work that allows us to tap into our vulnerability, our authentic expression, and our felt sense of empowerment.

The content of this event is backed by scientific research found in concepts such as Polyvagal Theory, nervous system rewiring, co-regulation techniques, and somatic therapy.

Experience what it is like to enter an intentionally created safe space facilitated by health care professionals who are specialized trauma and somatic practitioners.

If you are looking to process blocked emotional patterns, reprogram limiting core beliefs, and come back into alignment with your purpose and intuition. This is the place for you!

Let’s co-create the world we want to live in by working on ourselves collectively and individually.

Price: $50

Time: 6pm – 9pm

Location: Center For Peace, Canadian Memorial United Church: 1825 West 16 Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 2M3

Capacity: 20 people

Feel Health Breathwork Circles

Weekly Circles Wednesday & Thursday, 5 – 7pm

Qi Integrated Health Breathwork Circles

Monthly Circles on Sunday
2 – 5pm

Flying Sage Integration Circles

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The Flying Sage is a psychedelic community and apparel brand on a mission to democratize transcendence. They offer in-person and virtual events focused on integration, connection and transformation.


Moment Mushrooms creates organic Magic Mushroom products with a passion for sustainability and supporting people with delivery across Canada.




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