An Integrative Therapeutic Approach To Abundant Health

Before our medial prefrontal cortex developed to use language to articulate our thoughts, we only had our limbic brain (amygdala and hippocampus) to process our internal and external experiences. All of our emotionally impactful and traumatic experiences from childhood until the present day lives here, in this part of the brain, as well as in our subconscious and the physical body itself. In our sessions, we will approach your health by addressing the root of your emotional patterns through the scientifically back processes of somatic therapy. Together we will look at the underlining nervous system responses often established in early childhood development and cultivate a greater awareness of our physical and emotional sensations to understand more deeply how we can respond to and integrate our triggers and ingrained behavioural patterns.

This is the foundation of the therapeutic container. We use standardized counselling practices informed by modalities such as cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, emotional release techniques, narrative therapy, and advanced trauma-informed interventions. In this way, we create a container that meets you where you are with the tools that are most supportive of your unique process. Together we will unpack limiting core beliefs, reactive automatic behaviours, and emotional patterns, creating a more empowered sense of choice between stimulus and response and creating new possibilities in your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

These sessions are specifically focused on psychedelic integration and are a key component when it comes to processing any transformational experience. How are you taking the lessons of a deep journey and translating them into how you show up in everyday life? Perhaps you re-experienced a traumatic event… Perhaps your nervous system was flooded by the overwhelming sensations moving through you. Perhaps you are having a difficult time adjusting to “normal” life. We use a combination of counselling, somatic therapy, and specific integration tools to support you embodying the lessons that you received from your journey while feeling held and supported in a completely open and non-judgemental safe space.

Experience the transformative practice of Conscious Connected Breathwork. This powerful modality has taken hundreds of clients into breakthrough experiences, while simultaneously incorporating a direct relationship with the autonomic nervous system, and learning to rewire our behaviours through the science of the breath. This practice empowers you to feel an emotional charge, a physical tension, and/or a challenging experience and to integrate this challenge through the felt sense of safety and release of your breath, directly correlated to regulating your nervous system. In this way, we can reprogram traumatic experiences by completing the cycle in this safe sacred container. Come join our community at our next Breathwork Circle or book in for a one-on-one session.

“I had the most amazing breathwork and stretch therapy session with Damian. Please do me a favor; please reach out to this man and seek his services. I am very well aquainted with the body, I am very well aquainted with the breath, and my experience was one of the most amazing body and breath sessions I have ever had.”

– Brian Carew –
Registered Respitory Therapist, 720 Hour RYT & Inversion Specialist,
Certified Movement Flow Instructor